Ambassador January 2017: Shannen VDH - No boyfriend - No drama

Monthly we pick one lucky friend of the brand to become a CDKN_official ambassador. 

Do you also want to become one? Piece of cake! You buy a CDKN_official item. From here on now, you are already a friend! Yaay! But don't forget to post a fun, cute, heroic... picture on your social media and tag us. Make sure this picture is open for the public eye or we can't find you, and that would be pitty...

We repost the coolest pictures on our instagram page and we reward the owner of the picture with the most likes that month with a lifetime ambassadorship. 

What's the advantage of becoming a CDKN_official ambassador? First of all you may pick a free CDKN_official item by choice. Yup! You receive a personal 100% discount code you can use for the entire collection!

Secondly you'll get invited to every VIP and Press event CDKN_official organises from there on. And there are no events without tasty drinks, good vibes and lovely presents ;-)

So, what are you waiting for? Follow the example of this month's ambassador Caroline Leys and start spreading the CDKN_official love!





Caroline & Astrid

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