Friendship, Fun, Sustainability and fairtrade are the keywords of CDKN_official

CDKN_official is a brand that knows it's existence thanks to the Belgian wanderluster Caroline Degeyter. Caroline and her best friend use(d) the #CDKN to tag their adventures together in the past few years of their get togethers. they adored travelling together, sharing food, nights out with some good drinks and vibes, practicing sports, ... and during all these fun things, clothes are a way to express yourself. Let's be honest. Clothes have the power to define our style, the way you walk, the way you love, the way you dance, ...

During a skitrip March 2016, they decided to do something fun with their genuine passion for clothing and design. And so it begins. What was only a wild idea, became reality a few months later. 

In collaboration with Stanley&Stella, an other Belgian brand, Caroline designs contemporary quality clothes made with respect, for people, nature, and environment. It's very important to feel comfortable in what you wear. And with the natural materials embracing your skin, you will shine in confidence.


So since august 2016 - less than a half year after the first idea - you can say HI to the CDKN_official textile babies ;-)





We strongly belief that the textiles industry has to start acting a lot more responsibly. So we claim from the beginning that we are sustainable, from raw materials to the finished product and even in our marketing and shipping.

The partners we work with for the production are committed to genuine sustainability right through the supply chain, starting with raw materials where they only use organic cotton, wool, tencel, modal or recycled polyester.

By using organic cotton for exemple we drastically reduce the use of water. The result is also a softer cotton that you can directly feel on your skin when you wear it. By using the other fabrics we also take part in the recycling process and also take part in the preservation of the nature.



To verify and to be sure that the whole production chain is sustainable, our partners are committed and certified by different labels like Global Organic Textile Standard (GOTS) , OEKO-TEX¨ Standard 100 Class II, OCS Blended, OCS 100. We also protect endangered forests.

From fibre sourcing to distribution of the finished products, we scrutinise every process for sustainability.



We mainly produce the textile itself in Asia (China & Bangladesh) and in Europe (Portugal & Turkey). The prints are designed and printed at our home base Belgium. 


If you have any question about our brand, don't hesitate to contact Caroline!





Caroline & Astrid

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