YAAAAAY Welcome Astrid !!!

Hello you,

For me, this is a very happy moment because I can tell you that a new CDKN_official member is born, and that’s me! My name is Astrid. I feel honored to be part of this very nice story of two best friends chasing their dreams. I dare to say that I’m as passionate about friendship and fashion as Kelly and Caroline are, which makes it very fun to be a part of their team and spread the CDKN love.
What else do you need to know about me? I’m 22 years old, I graduated as a fashion technologist, I’m a foodie, and I like to laugh a lot.
I won’t bite, unless you are a chocolate cookie maybe… So if you have any questions, shoot!
I’ll do my best to help you with as much love and enthusiasm as Caroline and Kelly do.

Lots of love,



Contact: astrid@cdknofficial.com

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