About us

Welcome to CDKN ­_Official,

Passionate about fashion? Well, that’s great, we are too. But not in the haute couture way. We just like some good streetstyle that can be combined with anything...

We started the brand from friendship, and we will keep the brand alive by friendship. We ONLY want to make it grow by people that truly are our friends and brandlovers. We will rely on our social network (so that also means YOU) to create organic growth. And ofcourse some hard work...

That's our way to keep the CDKN_official brand accessible for everyone and honest. We will only use pictures made by our own hand, taken by friends, worn by friends, bought by friends. 

Since our arrival we have managed to serve numerous lovers with an appetite for fun clothing. Are you looking for something cool for that special occasion: festivals, a birthdayparty, bachelorette ...? Or just for the daily life. Relax we have got your back. 

Your satisfaction is our greatest motivation.

 The bottom line is that we wouldn’t be the best without you on board. Check out our impressive array of fun clothing and tell a friend about it too.